What are Dollar Denominated Securities?

These are securities listed in the PSE that are traded and settled in US dollars (“USD”). Corporate action entitlements are also given in USD.

How do I open a DDS account?

Opening a DDS account is the same as opening a regular online account with BPI Trade provided that you have an existing USD bank account. The USD bank account may be a BPI or non-BPI bank account.

Please refer to the requirements found in the HOW TO OPEN ACCOUNT section of this document. Additionally, submit the following along with the other documentary requirements:

  1. A dollar Checking / Savings account number (any bank)
  2. Photocopy of your latest USD Checking / Savings Account SOA

Can I just open a DDS account without having the BPI Trade (Peso) account?

Yes. It is not a pre-requisite to have a BPI Trade Peso account before opening a DDS account.

Can I use my existing BPI Trade (Peso) account to trade DDS?

No. A DDS account is a non-internet cash account different from your BPI Trade Online Account.

I have received an email confirmation that my DDS account has been approved. How do I fund my account?

  1. To fund your wallet account, deposit the desired amount to BPI Securities Corporation USD account:
  2. BPI: 0014 2504 89
  3. BDO: 103600334411
  4. Send us a copy of your deposit slip or the fund transfer confirmation to bpitrade@bpi.com.ph.

Please note that your bank may charge fees for incoming and outgoing fund transfer. Please inquire with your bank for possible fees.

How do I enter my DDS orders?

To buy or sell shares, you may reach out to BPI Trade Client Relations through the following channel:

📧 bpitrade@bpi.com.ph

📞 (02) 8580-4000; select option 2 for trading-related requests or inquiries Operating hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily

(except weekends and holidays)

Our Client Relations representative will endorse you to one of our Traders to take your instructions to buy or sell your shares.

How do I know if my trade is successful or not?

Once your order is matched/filled, the Trader who executed your order will send an email confirmation, which will contain the particulars of the order and the breakdown of charges and fees.

Alternatively, you may email bpitrade@bpi.com.ph to inquire about the status of your DDS trades.

Can I modify or cancel my DDS trades?

Cancellation or modifying of DDS trades can be done only for pending orders. Please refer to the Trading Schedule for more information.

To request for cancellation or editing of DDS trades, you may reach us through any of the following channels:

📧 bpitrade@bpi.com.ph

📞 (02) 8580-4000; select option 2 for trading-related requests or inquiries Operating hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily

(except weekends and holidays)

How do I withdraw funds from my BPI Trade DDS (Wallet) Account?

You may send a scanned copy of your signed withdrawal request form to bpitrade@bpi.com.ph.

When will my withdrawn funds be transferred to my USD Checking / Savings Account?

Withdrawal request made before 10:00 AM on a trading day will be credited to your Beneficiary Account on the same day between 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Request made after 10:00 AM will be credited on the NEXT trading day between 3:00 to 6:00 PM.

Will I receive monthly statements for my DDS account?

Yes.  A hard copy of your monthly SOA will be sent to your mailing address via courier. SOAs are sent out to DDS clients starting the first week of each month. Please note, however, that the turn-around-time (TAT) depends in the client’s location. Clients in the provinces may expect delays with the delivery of their SOA.

Is there any monthly maintenance fee that we need to pay?

The Philippine Depository & Trust Corporation charges BPI Securities a Depository Maintenance Fee of 0.000027777% for daily dollar market value of your holdings which is subject to 12% Value Added Tax (VAT). For clients with submitted Auto Payout Form, this will be deducted from the quarterly cash dividends. While for clients who are not entitled to receive dividends for the next payout, it will be deducted from the sell proceeds.